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Athens Daily

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Athens Daily: Pic Comm for Athens 2004 Swimmers
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So... you've spent two weeks drooling over Ian, Michael, Aaron, and all the rest... but what's gonna happen in September? Welcome to Athens Daily: the place to find your favorite athletes after the closing ceremonies.

This comm was the brain child of crediniaeth with help from several others that share the same affection (i.e. overwhelming lust) as much as I do... I just got the duty of setting it up. :) If you have any comments, suggestions, or concerns, feel free to e-mail me @ gloryliberty@livejournal.com

At the moment, we're just focusing on male swimmers and divers, but the field may be extended to male gymnasts at the mod's discretion.

- We are a daily photo community, but we also serve all corners of Olympic swimmer fandom. So to facilliate that, I'll allow off topic posts. OT posts can include fic, fic recs, icons, news, and just general drooling. The lj-cut tag is your friend if you dare to tread the OT waters. Please post a rating for your fic. Post explicit fic behind cuts as well. Most of you do this out of courtesy, but this needs to be up here for the ones that... well... don't know.

- Be responsible. Be courteous. Be smart. I don't want to have to read through "OMG Ian's such a stud!!11!oneone" every day. I'm sure you don't want to either, so we can respect ourselves enough not to do that.

- No stealing from other sites or direct linking to other sites including here. If I find a pic that is direct linking, I will delete that post with no questions. I'm not going to have pissed off webmasters after this place. If you need a picture host, try Photobucket [dot] Com.

- Always try to credit your sources where possible.

- If posting nearly-naked pics (i.e Speedo pics), please put behind the lj-cut tags so that people browsing from work don't get in trouble.

- If posting multiple pics, please put behind lj-cut tags so that those on slower connections can go through them at their own pace.

- For pics outside lj-cut tags, keep the picture with a width less than 500 pixels for dial up users.

- Authorised, official type pics only. For two weeks, they belong to the world. For the other 50, give them their privacy.

- If you're going to spam the community with your latest community or website, include a photo with it. Promotion will only be allowed for communities or websites that are about picture posting, the olympics, or the swimmers themselves. Any other type of promotion will be deleted.


Running the week of November 8 - November 15...

It's Thoogenband Week!

[insert very pretty picture of Ian and Pieter here]
[insert username of Thoogenband Week winner here]

Last week was Thackett Week!

Posted by tanwen! Good job you! ;)

Thanks for stopping by! Enjoy the pretty!

Rules graciously snagged from rightclicklick and modified to fit the comm's needs